Message from the Chair

Judge Victor Villarreal
County Court at Law II, Webb County, Texas


The ability to gather together, as has been the tradition for many groups including the Hispanic Issues Section (HIS), has been upended by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Meeting and planning challenges have been met by HIS council members with creativity, innovation, resolve, and enthusiasm. For example, HIS began 2020-2021 by hosting 'LAWteria' - a spin on the traditional game of 'loteria' - to benefit access to justice for those who cannot afford legal services. Hosting more than 200 persons from around the state, 'LAWteria' raised over $40,000. Also, to meet the needs and demands of our members, HIS launched a monthly free CLE. Topics have included the permanent impact of the pandemic on court proceedings and a discussion on the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. HIS is now reaching thousands of lawyers via CLEs. We have also partnered with the affinity sections of the State Bar of Texas in unprecedented ways on efforts including the opposition of racism and in support of candidates to the board of directors - individuals that merit consideration because their qualifications, experience and unique backgrounds but would otherwise remain unfamiliar to the nominations committee. Future projects include a 'pipeline project' for students to consider the legal profession by showing them that persons with their backgrounds can, have, and are succeeding.  

Among the many lessons we are learning this year is that when we accept, assess, and respond to challenges, we can best overcome them and exceed expectations - together.  #RaisingTheBar

If you have not joined, we welcome you and if you are a member I invite you to our next CLE. I also welcome anyone interested in HIS committees and leadership roles. Click here to send me an email


Judge Victor Villarreal