25th Anniversary Video

In 1979, a group of young Hispanic lawyers came together to address issues that confronted Hispanic lawyers and the Mexican American community. For over three decades, the Hispanic Issues Section of the State Bar of Texas has celebrated many accomplishments and has played a key role in providing assistance through education and mentorship programs. The video tells the story of the Hispanic Issues Section through the insights of those who got the ball rolling and those who took on the challenges along the way!  You can watch the video below.

Chairs of the Hispanic Issues Section

The Hispanic Issues Section was started in 1979.  Did you know that prior to 1991, the section was known as “Concerns of the Spanish Speaking Community”?  The name of the section was updated to “Hispanic Issues Section” during the 1991-1992 bar year.

The Hispanic Issues Section is thankful for the service of each of its past chairs:

1979-1980  Peter Torres, Jr.
1980-1981  Manuel Banales
1981-1982  Moses “Moe” Sanchez
1982-1983  Jose R. Rodriguez
1983-1984  Juan P. Aguilera
1984-1985  Esther Chavez
1985-1986  Simon Y. Rodriguez
1986-1987  Simon Y. Rodriguez
1987-1988  Berta Alicia Mejia
1988-1989  Gloria Leal
1989-1990  Elena Diaz
1990-1991  Frank Costilla, Jr.

1991-1992  Henry G. Flores
1992-1993  Arthur Robert Hinojosa
1993-1994  Angelita Mendoza-Waterhouse
1994-1995  Shirley A. Ehrlich
1995-1996  Y. Leticia Sanchez Vigil
1996-1997  Renato Santos, Jr.
1997-1998  Judge Santiago S. Coronado
1998-1999  Janet I. Monteros
1999-2000  Arturo D. DeLeon
2000-2001  Patricia Ana Garcia Longoria
2001-2002  Elizabeth Baird
2002-2003  Maria Luisa “Lulu” Flores
2003-2004  Steven Aleman
2004-2005  Steven R. Wolfson
2005-2006  Rodolfo “Rudy” Mata
2006-2007  Benjamin K. Sanchez
2007-2008  Rosa M. Gonzalez
2008-2009  Michele Wong Krause
2009-2010  Brian Anthony Hamner
2010-2011  Hon. John Vasquez
2011-2012  Jana Anise Ortega
2012-2013  Dahlia M. Gutierrez
2013-2014  Hon. Patricia O. Alvarez
2014-2015  Benny Agosto, Jr.
2015-2016  Manuel Escobar
2016-2017  Arturo Aviles
2017-2018  Betty Balli Torres
2018-2019  Justice Gina Benavides
2019-2020  Valerie Carillo
2020-2021 Judge Victor Villarreal
2021-2022 Jamie Vasquez
2022-2023 Novert Morales
2023-2024 Angelica Hernandez